Time immemorial in the great Devonian Empire was ruled by Judges until the Emperor Matamoros arose among the people and into power.

Judges were feared and revered men and women of The Law. This Law passed from father to son for 100 generations never being wrote down until the rise of The Great Judge Tyr.

During the rise of Emperor Matamoros only one of the Judges spoke out against Matamoros, Tyr.

Time and again Tyr would speak out against Matamoros and his hedonistic and anarchist ways and each time he was punished. First with the lose of his sight, then the lose of his right hand.

But time and again Tyr would speak to the people about The Law and The Truth. But this went against the Emperor and even some of the Judges.

“The Law comes from our fathers, who’s hands held love and justice. They were quick to wrap their arms around us when protection was needed! But they would punish us when we committed wrongs against our families.”

Tyr taught: “Compassion within The Law is as vital as the headsman’s axe.”

Being beloved by the people Matamoros could not kill Tyr in fear of the people uprising. Instead he schemed with his Judges and they devised a plan involving the demon Bane. The summoning of Bane allowed Matamoros and his Judges to convince the people that Tyr’s questioning had brought this demon upon them. The mob, enraged killed Tyr.

Since the fall of the Devonian Empire people have begun the worship of the teachings and the martyrdom of Tyr. Many having seen his agents, clad in a tabard bearing the hammer and scales, the symbol of “The Ascended Man,” “The Lawbringer,” “The Wounded God/Lord.”

His followers speak nothing of the creation, nor do they seek answers to the Devonian Empires fall. They’re focus is on order within. “To follow The Law in your heart is to follow it in your home.”

Those who call themselves cleric or paladin of Tyr are walking examples of the power the name possess. Average men and women endowed with supernatural abilities at just the mention of His name. Evil shrinks at His name and the injured become well again. The Law is a book most children learn to read from. Lastly, most civilized people know “Tyr’s Prayer”

“From within our heart beat; from without, our world sighs. Help us, oh Tyr to align our hearts with our worlds pain. May this blessing multiply upon all we share Your Name with.”


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