Teachings of Tyr

“If a man steals from you to feed his family and your heart does not bleed for him then The Law is not in you.”

“If a man steals from you to line his pockets you are to make an example of him through his punishment; but always, there should be a tear of compassion for him.”

“If your neighbor begs forgiveness and you do not grant it to him then The Law is not within you.”

“If you allow evil to fester in the hearts of men then The Law is not in you.”

“If you make idols to the things in this world then The Law is not in you.”

“Your life should be an example of The Law. Those who do not know or do not care should look upon you longingly.”

“Those who can, but do not are to be shunned. However, assign the wisest among you to watch this brother or sister. If they repent weep with them and cover them in cloaks.”

“Those who take lives are the same as the schemers. You would not allow a man in your home who has killed unlawfully why then would you allow a man whose schemes have brought him wealth?”

“Money without compassion is empty. Compassion without gain is saintly.”

“Hold not to the things in this world. That which is will only be while men still care.”

“Your hands are your own. No one is responsible for what you do with them but you.”

“You will question this world and my teachings within them but never question faith, hope and love.”

Teachings of Tyr

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