Giants' Battlegrave


Thirty years ago, the previous Margrave dispatched a military party to attempt to claim some of the lands west of the Benthic River. After driving a tribe of goblins from the Blackwood Forest they headed north towards the Stonewall Mountains where they were attacked by a large force of giants.

The battle was particularly vicious, and although the giants were almost totally slain, the Margrave’s men suffered heavy casualties as well. Killed in the battle was the wizard Algharest, whose powers were a deciding factor in the victory. Rumors have it that he unleashed such desperate magicks in the battle, that the entire battlefield has become suffused with eldritch energies and is now inhabited by strange aberrations and magical beasts.

The survivors returned broken and battered to Ostrom Keep, and no serious attempts at military expeditions have been made since.

Giants' Battlegrave

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