Elven Religion

The elves consider themselves stewards of the world, in a most literal sense. According to their legends, the world was once pristine and clean — inhabited only by the beasts of the wild.

In time came the Titans, the first creation of the old gods. Terrible beasts who trod the world on two legs, and destroyed all that they saw. They consumed and warred and hunted themselves to extinction and left the world wounded.

The world has kin however. When she cried out in pain, her sister the fey world, heard and sent her own children, the Eldren.

The eldren saw the wounds left by the Titans and set about mending them. Ever since, they have lived as illuminated beings who serve as custodians and guardians of the world. While dwarves claim to have crafted the world on behalf of The Three, elves claim that the world predates the dwarves, and resent their ongoing efforts to reshape it in their own image.

Elves do not worship any gods per se, instead believing in the sanctity of the world and a divine order. They do respect the gods of men and the power they wield, even if they do not believe in their divinity. They steadfastly oppose the old gods in all their endeavors, considering them an unnatural, alien presence in the universe. They do not believe this world is their own, and that there will be a time when they return to the Feywild for good.

Elves believe that when they die, their souls return to the universe to be reborn. There is no afterlife, only an eternal cycle of rebirth.

Elven Religion

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