Dwarven Religion

The dwarven equivalent of a god would be the first three dwarves. Torq the Wise, Gram the Strong, and Thral the Studious.

Dwarves believe that Torq, Gram, and Thral were the first three dwarves, and that it was they who crafted the crude world from rock and void. Seeing the magnitude of the job ahead of them, they then forged the first generation of dwarves to aid in their task of reshaping and perfecting the world.

A subset of dwarves believe in a fourth progenitor dwarf, Stev the Mercantile, and he serves as a god of commerce. This belief is considered heretical among most dwarves, although they rarely come to blows over it.

While this trinity holds the ultimate power in dwarven religion, they will not intercede or act on behalf of a single dwarf. A dwarf instead prays to his close, deceased ancestors such as their uncle, parents, grandparents, etc. It is believed their spirit then speaks with the spirit of their own ancestors, and so on all the way until the petition reaches one of The Three.

As a result, dwarves are an extremely conservative race, for if you were to offend any of your ancestors, they could choose not to pass your prayers along. Honor and tradition are extremely strong among dwarves.

This necessity in knowing your ancestors and clan has resulted in dwarves having extremely detailed genealogical records, claiming to be able to trace their ancestry all the way back to The Three. The accuracy of this claim is of course in dispute among other races, and even different sects of dwarves disagree over these genealogical claims.

Dwarven Religion

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