Barrington Village


Ten years ago, the Margrave charged a group of men-at-arms to escort a band of settlers across the Benthic River to settle the fertile lands in the silt runoff south of the western Darkmire Swamp. The site of a former Devonian city was chosen and the village sprang up quickly, with a fairly abundant crop the next season.

The village began to flourish, but five years later Barrington stopped sending food and other trade goods to the Keep. The village leaders refused to negotiate or explain the termination of relations and after several months of disputes, the Margrave dispatched a party to seize control of the village back. When his men arrived, the village was totally abandoned.

Adventurers discovered that the original inhabitants had discovered a temple to the old gods beneath the city. After they were seduced by the blasphemous religion, they abandoned the village in favor of a new, subterranean location in Darkmire Swamp. This underground temple has been reoccupied by a tribe of goblins, led by the Goblin King.

Barrington Village

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