Staff of the Adder


Once a druid, cleric, or warlock has attuned to this staff they can use a bonus action to speak the phrase “velusia ex rendis” and cause the head of the staff to come to life, becoming a poisonous snake for one minute. Speaking the phrase “velusia ex kanto” will cause it to return to normal.

While animated, the wielder can make a melee attack which deals 1D6 piercing damage and 3D6 poison damage, which a constitution save DC15 negates. If somebody is a total jerk, they can attack the head of the staff while it is animated. It has an AC of 15 and 20 hit points. If it reaches zero, the staff is destroyed. It otherwise regains all hit points upon returning to inanimate form.

Even when inanimate, the snake’s eyes and tongue tend to flit about, like it’s tasting the air for its next prey. For some reason, it refuses to bite Orcs. Maybe they taste bad?

Staff of the Adder

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