During its golden age, the Devonian Empire lived in harmony with the Eldren. The elves would often settle within the empire’s borders and work closely with the philosophers, naturalists, and mages of the empire in pursuing ever greater accomplishments for civilization.

Evenvale was one of these settlements. Although technically enclosed within the territory of the empire, it was for all practical purposes an autonomous Eldren territory surrounding Novax Paltun, one of the seven golden cities of legend.

Although Evenvale refers properly to the valley in which Novax Paltun was nestled, the name was more commonly applied to the entire forest in which the elves dwelled. Evenvale was governed by the Blue Magister, an elf of exceptional learning and wisdom.

The Magister worked closely with the Arbiter of Novax Paltun and the lands were a bastion of law. When the slow decline of the empire began, the short-lived humans were unable to recognize the changes occurring around them even as the Eldren of Evenvale saw generation after generation slide in decadence.

Some historians date the official start of the first Dark Age as the flight of the Eldren from Evenvale. It is to this day unknown what precipitated such a mass migration, but over a handful of years, the wooded lands of Evenvale lost their Eldren guardians and the forces of Chaos took their place. It was not long afterwards that Novax Paltun fell.

Evenvale has been sporadically reoccupied by elves in the time since, but not even the Eldren are immune to the ravages of time – as all those who remembered the arts and crafts of its golden age finally passed back into the Feyworld.


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