Elf vs Eldren

“It’s one of those topics that annoy the Eldren, and they don’t understand why humans keep getting it wrong. Of course they presume the dwarves get it wrong to annoy them, but they stop short of attributing such malice to the shorter-lived races.

Two words are thrown around in reference to the forest-dwelling fey folk. Eldren and Elf. Both of these are borrowed from their own language and we then manage to keep getting the subtle differences confused.

An elf is a living creature, the flesh and blood figure with pointy ears and a sword at your neck whose garden you just trampled (or whatever racist stereotype you prefer.) Eldren is the sum of all elven arts and civilization, in a word, their culture and identity. It’s similar to how you and I are Devonian Humans. Except the elves only have one kingdom, and they have difficulty seeing the separation between man and state like we do.

Does it make sense? No, I didn’t think it would. You need a primer for polite company, next time you’re at an elven dinner party, don’t you? If they’re alive, call them Eldren. If they’re dead or a criminal, call them an Elf. And if you just trampled their garden, call for reinforcements.."

— Senator Weisel

Elf vs Eldren

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