The Lands of Ironmarch

Ironmarch comprises the westernmost frontier of the Kingdom of Hunar, with its primary natural border being the Benthic River to the west. The lands across the river have been unsettled for some time but military disputes with the kingdom’s neighbors have prevented any official exploration westward. The lands were formerly part of the Devonian Empire, and the landscape is still dotted with the roads, bridges, and other structures of that empire.

Ostrom Keep is nested in the hills directly to the east of the Benthic River, overseeing Keltus Bridge. Benthic is one of the widest rivers in the known world, and the bridge is a remnant of the Devonian Empire, providing the easiest way across the river. The keep is administered by the Castellan, a popular and well-liked leader.

Ironmarch itself is ruled by the Margrave, a military governor charged with defending the region. There are rumors that the King is considering withdrawing the Margrave and most of his troops. Outside of periodic monster incursions, there have been few organized threats on the western borders, and some feel the Margrave and his men could be better used in military disputes elsewhere in the kingdom.

Both the Margrave and Castellan are appointed civil and military leaders, and there are no landed nobles in the region. As a result, most of the politicking of nobles is far away and of little interest to the residents of the march.

The Lands of Ironmarch

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