Downtime and Upkeep

Lifestyle Expenses

Lifestyle expenses cover room & board, food, appropriate mundane equipment, upkeep of arms & armor, and so forth.

  • Wretched, free.
  • Squalid, 1SP/day.
  • Poor, 2SP/day.
  • Modest, 1GP/day.
  • Comfortable, 2GP/day.
  • Wealthy, 4GP/day.
  • Aristocratic, at least 10GP/day.

These costs will be assessed to the PCs on a monthly basis. They can also be used as guidelines when hiring NPCs.

Learning new tools and languages

It takes at least 250 days of study as well as a teacher in order to learn the use of a new tool or language. These days do not have to be consecutive and may be spent between adventures. A significant gap between training periods however, may result in a loss of progress towards the new skill or language.

Downtime and Upkeep

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