Varis Galanodel

Seeker of lost elven knowledge


Varis has dedicated his life to study. Varis is obsessed with the knowledge of his people that was lost when the western elven kingdom fell. He has made his way to Ostrom Keep to seek advice from Glanduil, adviser to the Castellan, and one of the few elves left in these lands. His search for lost Elven knowledge has led to a life of travel. He has journeyed all over the kingdom in his search. On his travels Varis befriended a young half-elven bard named Erin who always seemed to turn up in the same villages he would be in. He appreciated her zeal and love of life. She reminds him of his little sister Thia, who was lost to an orc raiding party when she was still very young.

Thin and pale with jet black hair and purple eyes, Varis is always dressed in immaculate flowing robes. He carries a black quarterstaff, and is always accompanied by Lia, his owl familiar. He makes no effort to hide his status as a wizard. His clothing is always spotless.

Languages known: Cambrian, Eldren, Devonian, The Calculus, Deific, Gutterspeak

Varis believes that the path to power and self improvement is through knowledge, and that it is his duty to find and protect the ancient knowledge of his people. He has a tendency to speak slowly when talking to idiots… and he often speaks without really thinking through his words, invariably insulting others.

Varis Galanodel

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