Geoffrey Peninghast

Ghoul and anatomist of vile talents


While still among the race of men, Geoffrey served as royal anatomist to the king of Hunar. He was quickly discovered using the corpses of those who fell in battle to perform perverse experiments, and fled west to avoid a rather public execution.

At some point, he discovered a copy of the profane tome, The Ghoul Cults, and through its intense study slowly turned himself into a horrible mockery of the human form.

Granted with virtual immortality, incredible senses, and an even more depraved mind than before, Geoffrey situated himself in the little known Catacombs of Qed beneath Ostrom Keep. From there, he pillaged the cemeteries of the keep and villages to the east, often sneakily spreading disease or poisons among the populace to ensure a slow but steady influx of bodies.

He has converted several other depraved individuals into members of his own tiny cult, dedicated to the mastery of the human body, as well as the creation of life – believing it would guarantee his own immortality and place among the gods. He’s had a disturbing level of success, having fashioned a semi-intelligent flesh golem from the remains of soldiers buried at the keep.

He discovered Galot the Irrational in the catacombs, and recognizing the value of an intact mind from the golden age of the Devonian Empire, used his knowledge of alchemy and electricity to fashion devices to let them communicate. He’s thus far been able to conceal his true nature of both himself and his work from Galot, which all things considered, is not a particularly difficult task.


Geoffrey Peninghast

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