Galot the Irrational

Preserved brain of an insane mathematician. Great.


Formerly one of the Geometers of Qed, Galot isn’t quite the man he used to be (ha). For proving the irrationality of the square root of two, his brain was extracted and placed in a preservative liquid in a jar so that he could “ponder his error for all time.”

He has since had a crude speaker and microphone attached to his jar by Geoffrey, and is able to communicate with the outside world. While clearly insane, he’s actually pretty lucid for, you know, a guy who’s been a brain in a jar for several centuries. He has been unwittingly assisting Geoffrey in his ghastly (ha!) experiments for some time now.

He still retains some of his knowledge of mathematics, but his knowledge of his own time is a bit jumbled and scrambled. He can be consulted once a day on historical matters of great importance, but his reliability is less than perfect. He exhibits an irrational (ha!!) fear of the number two, for obvious reasons.

He can “speak” (using the crude speaker) ancient Devonian as well as Cambrian which was taught to him by Geoffrey. He is prone to fits of daydreaming and distraction, and often doesn’t make much sense when he talks. Talking to him quickly reveals that he was probably like that before his transformation.


Galot the Irrational

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