Castellan Erwin Herwig

Retired Soldier and Military Governor of the Keep


A middle-aged man with much the vigor of youth, Erwin has served as castellan of Ostrom Keep for thirty years. He was formerly a soldier of no small repute, whose shrewd leadership when he took charge of a legion after the unexpected death of its general greatly impressed the margrave of Ironmarch. As a reward, he was offered the position of castellan, a role he continues to fill to this day.

During his tenure the borderlands have seen little action outside of the occasional incursion of small humanoid war bands – all of which have been easily repelled by the keep’s forces. Despite this lack of activity, Erwin continues to take his role very seriously and is sometimes called “Erwin the Vigilant” for his devotion to the keep. He views himself as a bulwark between Law and the encroaching Chaos of the borderlands, ignoring the chatter of nobles who decry the keep as a waste of military resources.

He possesses an impressive arsenal of magical arms and armor, both spoils of war and rewards for his military duty. Despite his advancing age, he practices at keeping both his mind and sword arm keen, knowing that the illusion of peace could at any day be shattered.


Castellan Erwin Herwig

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