Aleandro de Lucca

Cleric of Tyr


Aleandro de Lucca is a big man and a giant among clerics.

6’6", 225lbs bald with chocolate skin.


De Lucca’s tale to Ostrom Keep is very different from the others.

Aleandro grew up south of the Keep and east of the river. His father owned a large herd of horses and was blessed by Tyr to have three sons of strapping build.

A man of the King, de Lucca’s father followed the “Old Law” when it concerned his children. He gave his oldest to the King, his youngest to the Church and kept the middle son to carry on when he was old.

The church never took for Aleandro. He spent much of his time staring off in space and helping the stable master and generally shirking his duties.

Three years into his stay at the Church the Curate approached and admonished de Lucca for his glib. Taking the Curates words to heart Aleandro began to pray daily for a sign and eventually he was granted on, although it was not what anyone expected.

During a celebration of returning soldiers an ember from a torch lit the church on fire. Trapped inside were two boys who were playing and Aleandro. While trying to get the boys out a beam fell on one of the boys and de Lucca refused to leave the boy for dead.

When all hope seemed lost he prayed for assistance, not for him but for the boy who lay suffering under the beam. A single beam of light shown through the glass in the fading light of day and through it stepped a hound archon wearing a tabard of Tyr. With a movement he moved the beam and with a touch imbued Aleandro with the powers of a cleric of Tyr.

That was many years ago, and although the Church has been repaired, in the fading light there is still a wiff of Fire and smoke upon the air.

In the time since he has served the church faithfully never seeing himself as an adventurer having dismissed many of those who came through the keep until the group that defeated The Caves of Chaos five years ago. Since their success his dreams are visions of scions of Tyr requesting, demanding him to head into the wilderness and assist them in the destruction of evil in this area because of “changes that will come.”

Aleandro de Lucca

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