Ahg ( AH-g) of Gruhlis

Half Orc Barbarian Hero of the Common Folk.


Ahg ( AhG) of Gruhlis and his twin brother Gruul was born from the unlikely union of an orc female and a man named Phil. After six years of living with his mother, he was given up to to his father because she "wanted to go on a ‘Waaaaagh’, a n Orc raid party. She hasn’t been back since that day. He went around the village learning from anyone who didn’t throw rocks at him. This meant he spent much time alone. So he learned to survive on his own and learned to be sneaky and perceptive.

This is how he met Astrid, a girl that has been in his dreams ever since. He began a practice of loving her from afar. He would leave her flowers and pretty stones he found. As he got older his father taught him his trade of leatherworking and he would leave her rabbit fur lined gloves or other tokens of his affection like fresh meat for her and her family. One day he was caught putting a boar over a fire. This is where a friendship began as Astrid would begin being kind to him and showing him kindness he had never known. Her parents didn’t agree with the relationship, but let it go on at the time because of the goods he was always bringing her. As usual nothing lasts forever.

Enter Roald, the local baron’s son. He is a pretty boy, strong of limb, and charismatic. He saw Astrid and lusted after her. He soon began to negotiate with Astrid’s parents to get her hand in marriage. When he and her parents approached her with this offer she was upset, she didn’t know this man except by (bad) reputation. This began a competition between Ahg and Roald as one would try to win her favor. For every thing Ahg gave her Roald could and did more. Finally, one day disaster struck. An Owlbear had destroyed a farm and had then wandered into town.

It was injured, and angry. it was attacking all it could see. Quickly he grabbed a 10 foot pole and chopped the tip into a crude point, rigged it to a rope, and moved it near the main support for Astrid’s father’s shop. Ahg tricked the Owlbear into chasing him into the workshop, by putting two javelins in its haunches. Once at the shop he turned and roared at the Owlbear as a challenge. The unsuspecting Owlbear charged full force at him. When it was mere feet away Ahg dropped his dagger and picked up the 10ft pole. The Owlbear, with no time to react, impaled itself critically on the makeshift pike. Ahg then took one of the large wood axes and with a barbarous fury hacked the creature over and over until it died, then Roald showed up with Astrid’s father.

He told the people that Roald had killed the beast. He wanted his daughter to marry a rich human not some poor half-orc to give him ugly grandchildren. He gave her to Roald to marry, Roald gave them 1000gp as bridprice and made off with Astrid. They will be married within the year. This prompted Ahg to leave his home. Everything reminded him of Astrid, every rock and tree. He went to a keep on the borderlands where there are no nobles, no Astrid, or memories of betrayal.

Ahg ( AH-g) of Gruhlis

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