The Western Borderlands

Village of the Lost and Found

My 2 brushes with death...

A man came to us offering 3 for 2 base value of special gold coins with a different stamp of the realm, we left as soon as we could. We decided to take the forest route ( unanimous vote: screw the swamp) and walked much time to the abandoned village. On the way we had to avoid the two Dire Boars looking for food. I should also note as soon as possible we need horses, I hate walking. Through woods and over hills we walked and then turned south until we found the village, it was mostly in ruins. A few were sound enough- the church, the waynewright, the blacksmith, leatherworker, and a few residences.

The first signs of life were goblin cavalry. We killed a few wolves to draw them to us and then killed enough to route the rest. Instead of heading to the hills they instead climbed down into the well! We killed their wolves and kept the meat and pelts. We thought the best thing would be to scout the ruins before following the goblins to secure our escape if necessary. We met tough resistance in the church from a giant spider and an ettercap. We killed them both even though the impulsive warlock set them of from running in where stealth was needed. It was worth it as we found some of the desired coins plus others to fill our coffers. Plus we found a map and other materials.

Luckily when we found the Ettin it/he was able to be reasoned with by the Warlock. In trade for information and peace we gave it all the wolf meat. Once the ruins were secure we went down into the well, we were cautious this time and were able to use stealth. The battles we had with the goblins down there were ferocious. The barbarian almost died due to a dire wolf and regular wolves attacking us. He played dead to survive. We were able to capture 2 goblins later so we could find out what were behind two doors we found with goblin writing on them. They said danger: stay out.

We found out many goblins died in them. After sending in one to scout the room and then drilling a hole in the door to look, the warlock investigated further. The room turned out to be unsafe after the warlock busted open a glass case to get a ring. A nearby suit of armor animated and attacked. Moments later we were in retreat as the barbarian and others were greatly injured by the suit. A unanamous vote of “RETREAT” was called for. After we left it closed the door behind us.


TerribleTony TerribleTony

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