The Western Borderlands

The Keep Ostrom's Catacombs

By Tyr’s hand we have been lead into the catacombs beneath Ostrom Keep at the behest of the Castilian.

While my heart and mind ache for the children of Barrington I push forward for them. Oh Tyr, lead me and my friends to safety and give me the hand to strike at those who mean us harm!

By Tyr’s Eyes! The things found under my own feet astound and frighten me. Shimmering panthers, more Barrington fish people, machines that move by themselves, skeletons working chain lifts and a brain in a jar!

A trap in a room would have meant our quick demise if not for the ingenuity of the halfling Finder. I find myself quickly relying on him despite his chosen profession. He is funny, kind with the children and generous but in combat he is a demon! His bolts fly faster than I’d of ever thought possible. I’ve never seen anyone reload a crossbow that fast. His rapier moves just as fast and his strikes are deadly. Tyr, I know you see him as your child. Lead him to You and use me as a torchbearer to guide his path.

The Brain names himself
Geoffrey Peninghast and is quite mad; intelligent, but quite mad. He speaks of things long dead as though they are from yesterday. It is quite unnerving and I wish to be rid of him because of his undead nature.

Speaking of undead, three times Tyr You have allowed this test to come upon me and thrice the might of The Great Judge smote them. Once against a huge flesh golem, once against ghouls and lastly against the grotesque Pytha, leader of this cult.

Upon completion we sought council with the Castilian and delivered Geoffery. With all haste we set off to finding a site for the orphanage. Finding a suitable site Ash, Finder, Ahg, Brother Bear and myself set off to clear anything unwanted in the vicinity. It was nice to be back abroad a horse and letting it run.

Malik, Brother Bear, is a man whom I’ve loved from the moment I met him. Had you not come to me Tyr I surely would have had no problem following Brother Bear in worship of the creation instead of My Judge.

But still…. A dwarf, a Druid?

After a fight with some vicious monkey monsters I blacked out, I knew Ahg was going to chase them. I figured I’d catch up later, and let the darkness have me.


TerribleTony ed_bowen_146

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