The Western Borderlands

Journal entry #48

I’m sleeping better now and not thinking about death quite so much, though every time we get into a fight I find myself more focused on helping the others than worrying about myself. I’m starting to pick up some basic fighting techniques because of it, which I can’t say is a bad thing.

We finished clearing out the catacombs yesterday. Found a brain in a jar from the Devonian Empire full of useful ancient information, if not a bit crazy and we found a bunch of really interesting things down there too, like a portable hole. You can put anything in it that will fit and then fold it up and put in your pocket. I have no idea how big it is on the inside, but it weighs nothing and holds everything. Its never leaving my person. I’d rank it up there with my starlight goggles in usefulness.

We ran into a gnome named Tappen while exploring the wilderness around where the boarding home is going up and he took us to his home. Everyone managed to crowd in, but the ceiling was low. Sometimes being short has it benefits. Tappen seems to know a bit about poisons and might be able to teach me something of its use. I think I might take some time to learn from him, and of course get to know the gnome that will be living so close to the kids soon.

Ash rejoined us and managed yet again to turn up the creepy factor he brings to the group by finding a magical bleeding sword that talks to him. Every time I think he’s as creepy as he’s going to get, he proves me wrong…

Tappen also told us about a few creatures in the area that would be a threat to the boarding house so we’re heading out now to end them. Giant wasps first. How hard could it be to exterminate some big wasps?


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