The Western Borderlands

For the children!

Today we continued our hunt to clear the denizens of the forest in our new chosen home. We made short work of a mated pair of owlbear, after their defeat I was saddened to find a nest with an unhatched egg. I could not bring myself to smash it. I believe brother de Lucca and I had the same thought. We kept the egg, hopefully we can raise this one as a pet, perhaps even a defender of our poor orphans. After making quick work of the owlbears we decided to head to the giant wasp nest… I have to give it to Ash, I really wasn’t sure if they would accept me into the hive, but his plan went off without a hitch. I was able to fly in and set off the alchemists fire right in the heart of the nest. Ash and finder made short work of the wasps after that. After clearing the nest and putting out the fire, we made our way back to the gnome’s hut. Finder really is becoming quite obsessed with poisons of all kinds.. he asked me to carry back the carcasses of the wasps. It’s a little troublesome, but if Brother de Lucca isn’t concerned by it, I suppose I shouldn’t be either. Terrible. Horrible. Awful!. How can you wake someone up with the promise of beer… and deliver only a fight with a banshee?!! I’ll have to get de Lucca back for that one. The wretched creature seemed awfully intent on Ash, but given his history bedding demons, I can’t say that I am incredibly surprised. She didn’t put up much of a fight. I am sure that this is because of de Lucca. He is most impressive where the undead are concerned. Ah well, back to sleep. There damn well better be beer next time someone yells it. Spent the better part of the day flying over the forest scouting for signs of the manticore. I have spotted them torturing some deer at a lake a few miles from the gnome’s camp. Ash and I are going to fly over and keep them busy while the others ride in. There are only 3 of them, this shouldn’t take long. The area will finally be clear and we can give the children a home!


This makes Bill a saaad panda.

For the children!

This makes Finder a fledgling alcoholic.

For the children!
TerribleTony Bardy_McBarderson

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