The Western Borderlands

A Strange Man with Strange Money

A merchant by the name of Basim Ghassan who is staying at the Keep approaches the party. “My friends, I have a lead on a profitable venture.” He hands over a pale gold coin. Strange patterns and glyphs you have never seen before adorn its surface – it is of a mint you have never encountered. “The last time I was here, this coin found its way into my coffers. I thought little of it and returned to my hometown in the east. There an alchemist friend of mine commented on its peculiar qualities. He says that this gold is a most interesting specimen, something he has never encountered. He wishes to acquire more of it, that he may investigate its properties. When I return to this keep, I ask many questions. The traders here, they say that they usually saw these coins when Barrington Village would come to purchase supplies. Perhaps they found a stash of coinage from the Devonian Empire? In any case, I hear the village is abandoned and travel there can be dangerous. I also hear that you are people of specific talents who may be interested in an opportunity to make coin. What say you?”


TerribleTony TerribleTony

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